Broker to Broker Referral

We are dual licensed in Idaho and Washington. Kirk is an area expert, and he handles all the searches and valuations to make sure our clients are not overpaying for a property. Mimi is an Associate Broker, a great negotiator, and handles all the contracts and facilitates successful closings.

Our team offers substantial referral fees for your buyer and seller referrals. We pay up to 35% referral fee of the referral side transaction on your behalf to your licensed brokerage when you refer a new client to us (one we have not had contact with previously) who purchases or lists their home using our services as long as you are a licensed agent in good standing when you refer the client to us and when we close the transaction.

This is how our Referral Fee Scale is paid out from the referred transaction side commission (RTSC):

  • 25% of RTSC - Sales price up to $400,000
  • 30% of RTSC - Sales price of $400,001 to $1,000,000
  • 33% of RTSC - Sales price of $1,000,001 – $2,000,000
  • 35% of RTSC - Sales price of $2,000,001 and up
  • Short Sale Purchases – 20% of RTSC - for any sales price
  • Short Sale Listings – 20% of RTSC - for any sales price


If you refer a new seller client to us, we will also pay a 25% referral fee on that same client’s next purchase within 2 years of the initial referral – so you don’t lose out on that either! Short Sale Listings are a different animal and commissions are typically cut by the banks after extensive work on our part, so the referral fee on short sales is 20% of the referral side transaction.

We moved from California to Idaho in 2002 for a slower pace and small town life, as well as to be closer to family. We can relate to the anxieties that naturally come with a cross-country relocation to a new area with different culture and dynamics. We know what it takes to help our clients make a smooth transition. Many cross-country movers are limited in their home search time – and they can’t always “jump on a plane when a great deal comes up”. We help by providing lots of information and pictures and we offer to take and share videos for our clients so they can get a real feel for homes when they are searching from out of state. We will give our true opinion about whether something will work for your clients, because we communicate with and LISTEN to your clients’ needs. We won’t try to put them in something that won’t work for them just to get a commission. We earn our clients’ trust because they KNOW we watch out for them.

Before we accept your referral just give us some information and we will send you a referral form for your brokerage to sign. Remember that you must be actively licensed for the period of the referral until closing to receive a referral fee. Referral fees will be paid on your behalf to your licensed brokerage. All you need to do is complete this form and let us contact your buyer. We agree to pay the referral fee upon successful closing as long as you are a licensee in good standing when you refer the client and the client agrees to work with us. (Sorry, no reverse referrals can be paid – they are illegal in our state - so you need to send us the referral before your client contacts us)

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