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Prepare your home for a successful sale

Preparing for the sale of a home is a crucial part of presenting the property in the best light. That's why we've compiled a list of some important ways you can make your home stand out from the competition and increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

⌂ Lawn mowed and trimmed
⌂ Landscape shrubs/plants trimmed
⌂ Sprinkler systems in order
⌂ Sprinkler systems set for non showing hours
⌂ Bulbs in exterior lighting all working
⌂ Gutters clean of debris
⌂ Deck rails, hand rails secure
⌂ Exterior trim painted
⌂ Exterior door handles polished
⌂ Exterior door freshly painted or stained
⌂ Weeds in yard fully removed
⌂ Sidewalks neatly edged
⌂ Clean grease or oil on driveway
⌂ All fencing clean
⌂ Replace doormat if worn
⌂ Outside windows clean
⌂ No obstruction on “For Sale” sign

⌂ Storage or packing boxes stored of site if possible
⌂ Other items neatly boxed and stored
⌂ Garage floor clean
⌂ Remove clutter and tidy up shelves

⌂ All appliances clean
⌂ Clean and clear countertops
⌂ Pantry well organized
⌂ Dishes out of sink
⌂ All cabinets well organized
⌂ All faucets working properly
⌂ Oven clean
⌂ Refrigerator free of odors
⌂ Freezer defrosted and free of odors

⌂ Clean and free of clutter
⌂ Clothes organized
⌂ Shoes organized
⌂ Clutter removed
⌂ Dirty clothes out of sight
⌂ Valuables secured (jewelry etc .. )
⌂ Free of odors
⌂ Create extra room to look ample

⌂ Repair cracks in ceilings and walls
⌂ Remove personal items (photos etc .. )
⌂ Remove clutter
⌂ Draperies and blinds clean
⌂ Fresh paint if needed
⌂ Toys, video games etc ... put away
⌂ Beds neatly made
⌂ Blinds and shades open to let in natural light

⌂ All sinks, tubs, showers and countertops clean
⌂ Grout in tiles and sinks clean
⌂ All joints are caulked
⌂ All fixtures including exhaust fans are working
⌂ Install new shower curtain if needed
⌂ Store all shampoos, toiletries etc ...
⌂ Repair leaky faucets
⌂ Toilets clean and working properly
⌂ All glass and mirrors clean

⌂ All windows clean
⌂ Neutral colored walls
⌂ Draperies and blinds clean
⌂ Carpets steam-cleaned
⌂ Clutter removed
⌂ Furniture positioned to showcase size and ·space
⌂ All toys, video games etc ... put away
⌂ Extra books or magazines removed
⌂ All lighting functioning properly
⌂ Shades and windows open to allow natural light
⌂ Any signs or smells of pet removed

⌂ Open all drapes and curtains
⌂ Leave porch lights on at night to showcase
⌂ Avoid cooking a meal that would leave distinct odors
⌂ Keep all pets in an area away from prospects
⌂ Keep children occupied in one room
⌂ If possible, leave the house while being shown
⌂ Give brief polite answers if asked a question
⌂ Allow the agent to show
⌂ Allow your agent to negotiate

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